Becoming a member of Children's Scrapstore offers lots of benefits and is really easy to join.  Membership is open to any groups or individuals working or volunteering with  a group of children or adults in creative, play, care, educational, therapeutic or community settings. You can see a list of the types of groups and organisations eligible for membership here. Please get in touch with our Membership Team for more information Members receive:

  • Access to all scrap materials from the Warehouse

  • 20% discount from any ArtShop purchase

  • A regular members e-bulletin with offers, new scrap reports and updates

We have a  new simplified membership structure which is  based on what type of group you are with a fixed fee regardless of your turnover. For most members who had correctly identified their previous band type the amount you pay won’t have changed very much and remains excellent value. There are two types of membership, annual membership and a temporary 4 week membership. All you need to do is work out which membership group applies to you and then fill in the application form.  Once completed, forms can be emailed, posted or handed over in the either of our stores.  Before you sign the form please read the Conditions section of the Scrapstore Membership information leaflet.

Please bring your membership card every time you visit as you wont be able to access your membership without it. Please get in touch with the membership team if this is a problem.

If you are unable to become a member you can still access scrap from the warehouse by either: