Bristol Harbourside Urban Wild Play Trail

Yes, it's true! We've created a Bristol Harbourside Urban Wild Play Trail with Playing Out.  Children! It's up to you to lead the way. 

Download Urban Wild Play Trail A4

Download Urban Wild Play Trail A3

The only objective for this trail is to play. NOT to try and finish the trail.  If you run out of time because you're having so much fun then come back to the trail another time. Surprisingly, there is so much play to be had around the Harbourside and there are lots of ideas on the trail for how to stimulate play and exploration of the environment around you. The trail was timed at the pace of a three year old and is suitable for all ages - adults beware, you might find yourself playing too!

Inspired by Project Wild Thing. we decided to see what wild time could be found right in the centre of Bristol!

Play is always happening for children, not just at a specific time or place like the park or playing with toys in the bedroom. Play occurs as much in the journey to and from places as when you get there. Sometimes it doesn't event matter if you get to the park if you've played all the way there.

Download the trail in either A4 or A3 - you might want to a grab some chalk, a stick for pooh sticks, a cup to play in the fountains or see what you find on the way round. There are plenty of ways you'll find the kind of play you can experience in nature around the harbourside. You want to pack a towel and a change of clothes.  Remember, let children lead the way, don't worry how long each bit takes and have fun!